Jerrod's Top 10 Kit

Kit Includes:
  • A copy of "Five Percent Chance" by Jerrod Sessler.
  • Jerrod's favorite recipe book! (ask him on FB what he is eating lately...).
  • Reading material that Jerrod says is a must read for anyone venturing on this journey. Professionally published ISDN books!
  • Educational video that includes irrefutable evidence that his healing from cancer was choosen through lifestyle choices. It is the truth!
  • Key steps that you can do right away to improve your health quickly!
  • Learn what Jerrod did to
    beat melanoma cancer
    "I cannot tell you what to do but I can tell you what millions of others, including myself, have done to overcome simple physical problems to terminal illnesses." - Jerrod Sessler, NASCAR Driver

    Retail Value: $600.00
    how come?

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